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BankruptcyBankruptcy / Personal Injury Attorney Chicago, IL

Finding the right law firm these days isn’t easy.  The law firms you see on TV are typically big businesses with customer service call centers and complex internal hierarchies

As an experienced solo attorney, I will handle your case with the proper care and respect that it deserves.  In the last decade, I have helped hundreds of my clients in the areas of bankruptcy, personal injury and general practice. One of the keys to my growth has been the fact that many clients refer their friends, relatives and co-workers to me.

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Like most clients, you would
probably opt for a Chapter 7
bankruptcy to eliminate most
or all of your debts within a
short period of time. Any assets
that are considered non-exempt
can be liquidated to pay part of
your outstanding bills.



While Chapter 13 bankruptcy
may not be as quick as a
Chapter 7 bankruptcy, it is the
next best thing. Under a Chapter
13, you make a monthly payment
to a court appointed trustee to
pay some or all of your debts
back based on what you can
afford. Generally, you are able to
keep all of your properties



Personal injury lawsuit is a legal
process through which you can
get compensation from the people
responsible for you injury. In a
personal injury claim, you need to
show that the defendant is liable
and that you suffered personal
damage. The defendant is found
liable if he or she acted negligently
in causing your injury.

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